If We Were Having Coffee: March 28, 2015

*I originally stumbled across this concept at Part Time Monster, and I love, love, love the idea of having a chatty post once a week. I do hope you enjoy my ramblings.* ;)




I would tell you that I have become a barely functioning human being over the past 24 hours…all because of Trivia Crack. I’ve always known that sports and geography weren’t interests of mine, but now I have statistical evidence that these are not my strong points. ;)


* * * * *

I would tell you that Grace’s half-sister, Kylie, will be joining us for a few days next week. We’ll, of course, still have school (putting K in the fun position of having school during her spring break…it’s okay…she loves it), but I’ve got some fun things planned. I won’t reveal too many details, but I will tell you that Easter, STEM, and pop art will all be playing starring roles. :D

* * * * *

I would tell you that life is fixin’ to get even nuttier than it has been over the next month. I’ll be going to celebrate my BFF’s birthday for a few days (yeah, you read that right…we’re celebrating for a few days…cause my BFF is awesome like that), Grace will be visiting Grandma in Alabama (which involves a couple of crazy days of driving), and John will be going to California for a week. Add in the giggledy-jillion projects we’re all working on and home school and John’s birthday and our monster-themed Easter and…well, I think you get the point. I may be a little less present in the blogiverse until the end of April. I’ll still be doing the A to Z Challenge, of course!

* * * * *

I would tell you that I saw this video on a friend’s Facebook page the other day, and I absolutely love it. I bet my 1000 Voices friends will like it, too. :)

* * * * *

I would tell you that there will be a small update about the  “There Is Beauty in All of Us” project tomorrow. :D

* * * * *

I would tell you that I’m pretty excited about my new “Volume of Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres” unit that will be added to my Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy shops later today. I’m particularly thrilled with the “Zombie Defense” game I’ve created to go along with the unit. :D

Of course, the unit also includes a 27-page interactive lesson, 3 practice sheets, a quiz, and a list of suggestions for even more activities, an answer key, and all that jazz. No wonder these things take me so long to create. ;)

* * * * *

I would tell you that, after tinkering with my free trial period with WordPress upgrades, I’ve decided against the upgrade. I’m just not seeing $100 worth of fabulous from it all. It’s really nice to not have ads on the blog, but, other than that, I’m not getting much out of it. If you think I’m making a tragic error, speak before this evening. ;)

* * * * *

I would tell you that my decorating efforts that I spoke of last week have begun. I’m starting small and tackling one little area at a time. So far, I’ve been paying attention to our little side porch…the door that everyone actually uses that I had never bothered to make pretty. It doesn’t make much sense to leave the area that gets used every single day all barren and sad. ;)


I made a wreath that matches the general scheme of things. Oh, I do love my new hot glue gun! ;)


For more fun with the hot glue, I added burlap and twine to these jars. This weekend, the jars will get the lovely addition of dirt and some white flowers. :D


* * * * *

I would tell you that I think I’ve procrastinated long enough. I have some shopping to do today. Other than grabbing the supplies for school next week and going to Lowe’s/Home Depot, I’m dreading the rest of it. But I guess we have to eat and stuff. ;)

* * * * *

And I would tell you that I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week until we meet for coffee again next Saturday. :D

Science Fun: Get Your Chemistry On

It is time again for spiffy science links! If you missed the past couple of months of links, you might want to check out “Get Your Astronomy On” and “Get Your Oceanography On.”

The requested topic for this month is chemistry. Well, as you probably know, chemistry is a wildly diverse topic. A post about all of the nifty chemistry resources available on the inkerwebz would be a mighty thing, indeed. Instead of trying to tackle all of chemistry, I decided to focus on two little areas…ways to learn some chemistry basics and fun activities that you can giggle about on your own or with your kids/students. I’m saving my absolute favorite for last, so make sure you scoot all the way to the end of the post. :)

One more little note before we get going: Some of the pictures in the galleries are a bit on the smallish side. You can click any of the gallery pictures for a larger view.

So, let’s get started with some chemistry fun!

If you’re looking for an introduction to chemistry (or just to brush up on your skills), I have a couple of suggestions for you!

Khan Academy is totally free and super motivating. You can learn and practice without creating an account, but if you take the (free) account leap, your scores and progress will be saved. You earn points and badges and things that are really quite exciting if you’re motivated by rewards (even if they’re imaginary)…I happen to be one of those people. :) Awesome bonus about Khan Academy? The giggledy-ton of other subjects they have available…including swoon-worthy amounts of math. :D

Another great set of videos comes to us from Hank Green. You can soak up over 40 videos about chemistry in the Crash Course series. Yum! (While you’re poking around, you’ll probably want to check out some of the other Crash Course topics.)

Ready to tinker around with the periodic table a bit? Check out these resources!

Looking for an interactive periodic table that lets you filter elements by various properties? Want to click an element and learn tons more about it? The Periodic Table from Royal Society of Chemistry is sure to make you giddy. :D

Want to see what happens when you combine elements? Check out this periodic table with a twist, goREACT. You can drag elements into the reaction area to see how elements react and combine. I particularly enjoy making the “Explosives” sign appear, but you may be more interested in the informative pop up windows the site provides when you hit a winning combination. The site also gives suggestions of elements to add to the mix in order to make some interesting substances. :)

When you’re finished plinking with the periodic table sites, you may want to practice identifying the symbols of the elements. Free Rice is an absolutely wonderful way to do that! How else can you practice with chemical symbols and help end hunger??? If you’re interested in joining the Nerd in the Brain Free Rice Team, we’d love to have you! :D

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.37.36 PM

Now that you’ve got those symbols memorized, maybe you want to practice balancing equations? (And who wouldn’t???)

Check out this awesome equation balancing activity:

Or maybe you’d like to see how temperature affects the movement of molecules and states of matter

If that activity doesn’t excite you, don’t fret! Weebly has tons of fun activities:

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 3.44.37 PM


And now for my absolute favorite activity I found whilst investigating chemistry fun…

Alien Juice Bar! Yep, you can totally learn about acids and bases while tending (juice) bar. Who knew aliens were such fans of dish soap and lemon juice??? :D


So, what about you? Any fun chemistry sites or projects that you enjoy? Do you think you’ll be tinkering with any of the sites I’ve mentioned here? Have you already tinkered with them? What did you think? Do you have a suggestion/preference for a branch of science for next month’s fun links? Share your thoughts!


Three Things Thursday: March 26, 2015

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*


My little violets are blooming so beautifully! :D


Hot tea in my favorite tea cup…prepared by the most awesome husband evah! :D


Adorable gnomes! In addition to just being ridiculously cute and happy looking, they also remind me of Kate. Win!



I also want to remind you about the “There Is Beauty in All of Us” project. I still have room for lots and lots of selfies. Send them in, send them in! :D

So, what made you smile this week? I’d love to see you share on your blog or here or on twitter! :D 

Don’t forget! You can use the tag #ThreeThingsThursday on twitter. It’s a great way to share your three things without doing a post or to let the world know you did a post. :)

I truly do encourage all of you to snag this idea (and some badges!) as you please. :D




The Return of the Adjective Game!

Yep, I love reading y’all’s responses to these things so much that I’ve decided to bring it back as a monthly feature. :)

It’s a simple and amusing exercise…dream up a noun that all five of these adjectives could possibly be describing…and then share your response in the comments, of course. :)


Have fun! I can’t wait to see what your creative, clever brains think up. :D

Adventures In…Ballet and Peter Pan

As I may have mentioned a couple of times before (I fully admit I get ridiculously excited about these things), Grace and I went to the ballet last Friday evening.

Grace’s very best friend in the whole wide world, Lauren, and Lauren’s mom joined us for the adventure. Here are the girls being very excited about our upcoming adventure:


Aren’t they adorable?!? :D

We had a wonderful dinner (linguine and meatballs for me) and headed out to feast our peepers on this:


And this:


And this:


And, of course, this:


All pictures are from the Charlotte Ballet website…because it’s bad form to snap pictures during the ballet. ;)

The performance was absolutely incredible! It was funny and fascinating and amazing to watch.

I think my absolutely favorite part of the whole thing, though, was that I got to be with someone on her first adventure to the ballet. Nancy, Lauren’s mom, had never been to the ballet, and it was clear that she was completely enchanted. Seeing someone experience and fall in love with ballet was just about the spiffiest thing ever. :D

So, what about you? Have you ever accompanied someone on their first adventure into something they ended up loving? Do you get excited to share the things you love with the people around you? Do you adore the ballet or find it to be boring?

Walking on Sunshine Blog Hop Party – Better late than never!


I’m so proud to be included in such an awesome list…and such an awesome idea! :D

Originally posted on Melissa Barker-Simpson:

Thank you BSLOkay, so I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to join Hugh’s party and show some love to my fellow bloggers. Before I begin – here are the basic rules:

1. Choose a fellow blogger who you think spreads blog love.

2. Write a short post about them.

3. Entitle your post Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop Party (so others can find your post).

You can mention as many bloggers as you want in your post and write as much about them as you want, but try to not make your post too long.

Okay, you know me, so of course I’m going to take advantage of the last point. There are so many wonderful bloggers out there, people who are incredibly supportive and spread sunshine through their posts. I had to limit myself to fifteen (I’ll keep it brief, I promise), but – like I said – there are so…

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A to Z Challenge Reveal…In Kind Of A Mathy Way

Last week, I was having a difficult time deciding what my theme for the A to Z Challenge should be, so I put it up for a vote. (Because that is how I do.) :)

And now it is time to reveal the results!

I’ve chosen to do so with a rather fancy (okay, not fancy at all) circle graph! (Remember when these were called pie charts?)


I’d say there is a pretty clear winner here!

Yep, the bloggers have voted, and they want to see the things that I love and make me happy. It’s like a whole month of Three Things Thursday…in alphabetical order. :D

But I have good news for those of you who voted for all of the other topics…math and science and music and simplicity happen to be things that put a smile on my face, so, indirectly, you also win! :)

So, what about you? Are you happy with the theme that I’ve chosen? What’s your own theme going to be? (It’s safe to ask that now, I think.) :)