Happiness Is the Letter U

Things that make me happy…brought to you by the letter U. :)



Such a fun, silly game. :) I love that a game I played as a kid is still around…and still has a place on our game shelf. :D



More specifically, unusual umbrellas. When I was a kid, my mom bought me an awesome umbrella with a map of the world on it. (If you’ve been keeping up with my A to Z posts, you’ve learned that I have a thing for maps and globes.)  Kind of like this:

world umbrella

I loved that umbrella so much…for several weeks, I was angry at any day that didn’t include rain. ;) That umbrella long ago gave up the ghost, but it left me with a thing for umbrellas of the less boring variety. Here are some umbrellas I wouldn’t mind having:


Where would we be without it? :D

Picture from history.com.

Picture from history.com.

A song that starts with U that I love? Under Pressure by David Bowie & Queen.



And my sentence for the day (using only U words, of course) is:

Underhanded, unkind Ursula uglified unwitting urchins.

So, what about you? What are some things that begin with the letter U that bring a bit of joy to your life? Can you come up with a sentence that only contains U words? 


P.S. – Either WordPress or my computer (which is brand new and worked fine yesterday, so I suspect it isn’t the culprit) is crazy glitchy today (all sorts or goofy, wacky stuff happened while typing this post), so if anything looks odd, I apologize. :)

Three Things Thursday: April 23, 2015 – Brought to You by the Letter T

In keeping with the A to Z Challenge, today’s Three Things Thursday post will be sponsored by the letter T ;)


I adore tokidoki almost as much as Hello Kitty! I currently have my eye set on the Moofia figures….they will be mine! ;)


 (Picture from Josh Spear Blog.)



Yeah, triangles make me happy. Weird, right? I love their pointy bits and their straight bits and the huge variety that can happen with just three little sides. :) I won’t even go into the tremendous amount of useful applications for triangles in math and engineering and science…and this wacky “real world” we live in. :) Triangles are awesome.


TED and TED-Ed

So much information from so many brilliant minds! And the lessons in TED-Ed are ever-so-useful for home school…or just learning things for the joy of learning things. :) Check out this screenshot…you can see all of the “big topics” on the left side…I’ve chosen “Math” (of course!) and you can see the first few videos/lessons available under the general math topic.

Click picture for link.

Click picture for link.


A song that starts with T that I love? Temple of Love by Sisters of Mercy.


Some songs-that-start-with-T shout outs to: Tom Sawyer by Rush, Tom’s Diner by Suzanne Vega, and This Corrosion by Sisters of Mercy (again).

And my sentence for the day (using only T words, of course) is:

Tiny turtles tottered tentatively toward thundering tides.

So, what about you? What are some things that begin with the letter T that bring a bit of joy to your life? Can you come up with a sentence that only contains words that start with T? 


Happiness Is the Letter S

Things that make me happy…brought to you by the letter S. :)



Do I even need to explain?!? :D


Sticky Notes

I’m pretty sure my life would just fall apart without sticky notes. ;) I use them to organize and label and remember just about everything…and they come in such spiffy colors!


(Picture from Wikimedia commons.)


A fun YouTube channel with short videos about a ton of different STEM type topics. This one on gear ratios is quick and fun:


A song that starts with S that I love? Sexy and I Know It by Brett Domino Trio. (This cover is just magical.) :)

Some songs-that-start-with-S shout outs to: Sail by AWOLNation, See Her Tonite by The Damned, Sing by My Chemical Romance, and Sweet Jane by Cowboy Junkies (my favorite version).


And my sentence for the day (using only S words, of course) is:

Skeptically searching starry skies, Scully spotted something strange.  (And now you have a clue about something from next Tuesday’s post.) ;)

So, what about you? What are some things that begin with the letter S that bring a bit of joy to your life? Can you come up with a sentence that only contains S words? 

Happiness Is the Letter R


Things that make me happy…brought to you by the letter R. :)


We’re an entire family of robot lovers! :) Here’s one we put together on Easter:


You can’t see much of his mechanics from this angle, but he does wibble and wobble about the place in a rather uncoordinated fashion. We have chosen to call him Marcel. :D


I love to read! I decided to go with “reading” instead of “books” because I so enjoy reading things that aren’t books, too…like blogs and online articles and things. :) (Now that I have this swanky new laptop, I’m thinking I’ll be getting caught up on a lot of my reading.) :D


I love the rain! I love it when I’m driving and it makes everything all misty, and it feels like I’m driving through a painting (as long as it isn’t that crazy, can’t-see-anything kind of rain). I adore the sound of it falling on the roof when I’m snuggled up at home. When it’s hot out, there are few things more fabulous than running around in the rain like a lunatic (as long as there is no lightning – stay safe, kids). Here, enjoy a rainy afternoon in our little town:




A song that starts with R that I love? Royals by Puddles. (I like the Lorde original, too, but this version is my favorite.) :)

Some songs-that-start-with-R shout outs to: Rebirth of Slick by Digable Planets and Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads.


And my sentence for the day (using only R words, of course) is:

Really rambunctious robots rarely review relaxants.  

So, what about you? What are some things that begin with the letter R that bring a bit of joy to your life? Can you come up with a sentence that only contains R words? 



Happiness Is the Letter Q

Things that make me happy…brought to you by the letter Q. :)


I bought this little piece of awesome for John’s birthday, but it turns out we both love it! (Of course, I’m solely responsible for the fact that we’ve already had to look up and order replacement parts. *whistles and walks away slowly*) ;)


Forgive the picture. That little sucker is so fast, it’s almost impossible to get a decent picture. You may be able to tell that it’s orange in this picture…well, I wrecked it up so hard that I gave us the opportunity to get enough replacement parts to make it neon green. :)

I also love how happy John was to get his new quadcopter:


Such a cutie, that one. :)


I love questions! I love having them. I love finding the answers to them. I love being asked them. I love asking them (to the point that I sometimes get myself in a bit of trouble). ;) Where would we be without questions?!?


As much as I like to ask and answer questions, I also love it when all is quiet. There’s nothing quite so peaceful to me as quiet. :)


As far as Q songs go, I’ve got nothing. I mean, yes, I could pop some songs up that start with Q, but this is supposed to be about songs that I love…it turns out I don’t love songs that start with Q. ;)


And my sentence for the day (using only Q words, of course) is:

Quentin quickly questioned quirky quackery.

So, what about you? What are some things that begin with the letter Q that bring a bit of joy to your life? Can you come up with a sentence that only contains Q words? 


P.S. – I’m out and about driving to Atlanta and back today, so I’ll be “away from blog” pretty much until tomorrow…don’t feel sad or neglected or agitated if you don’t hear from me until then. :)

If We Were Having Coffee: April 19, 2015

*I originally stumbled across this concept at Part Time Monster, and I love, love, love the idea of having a chatty post once a week. I do hope you enjoy my ramblings.* ;)




I would tell you that I have been about as unproductive as a person can be over the last few days. :) Housework? Who needs it? Product creation? Nope. I have gotten some lovely knitting done, and I’m looking forward to sharing things with you next month.

* * * * *

I would tell you that I have another journey to Atlanta and back planned for tomorrow. Good times! ;) Fear not! I have lots of ways to entertain myself until I make it to Atlanta to pick up Grace…and Grace and I definitely have car plans for the journey back, but I’ll wait until next Monday to share that information since it fits so nicely into my W post. :)

* * * * *

I would tell you that I’m still enjoying the A to Z Challenge, but it does seem to be totally wrecking my stats and things. Is anyone else having this problem? I know it doesn’t really matter, but I still give those numbers a glance pretty often. And perhaps it’s just a coincidence that my numbers are way down. *ponders*

* * * * *

I would tell you that, speaking of the blog, I really am planning to do some pretty drastic rearranging in May. It will probably include getting rid of tons of previous posts and things, so if there are any posts or series you’re particularly fond of, let me know…otherwise they could disappear into the mystical blog ether. ;)


* * * * *

I would tell you that, while I’m driving across multiple states like a loon tomorrow, my new laptop should be arriving at my home! I am soooo excited. Computer issues are a large part of the reason I’ve been so non-productive recently. (Well, I can’t really blame the lack of housework on that, but blogging and product creation have certainly suffered.) My laptop died a few months ago, and, since then, I’ve been using a hand-me-down desktop that John had. Well, said desktop has been getting slower and s l o w e r and s  l  o  w  e  r for a while now, so we decided it was time for me to get a brand new computer. I’m so excited! This may be my first ever brand new, just-for-me computer I’ve ever had. :) It also means that I can put my office back the way I like it with my desk in front of the window, so woohoo!!! (I had to move it before because of outlet situations.)

* * * * *

I would tell you that I’m encountering obstacles with the There’s Beauty in All of Us project. The response was really strong at first, but I still need lots more selfies. I’m also having trouble getting a nice diversity in the pictures. I think I have a plan though. :) *cackles, twirls mustache, and disappears into the night* This plan will delay the project a bit. I was looking to finish by the end of May, but this may push it to the middle or end of June.

* * * * *

I would tell you that the furniture shopping has officially started! We haven’t picked anything out yet, but we did spend a good part of yesterday sitting on a wide assortment of couches. :) We’re going to continue our shopping efforts next weekend. John and I agree that shopping for couches is less fun than shopping for a house and more fun than shopping for a way to be executed. ;)

* * * * *

I would tell you that I’m getting some unexpected alone time next week. It’s a very convoluted explanation, but it involves John having a project at work that will be keeping him in Charlotte for 16 hours a day for a few days, the fact that we only use one car, and scheduling weirdness with Grace. I’m thinking a brand new computer plus alone time is going to equal lots of blogging and product development happening. :D

* * * * *

I would tell you that I’ve enjoyed my break from school, but I’m definitely ready to get back to it next week. I have lots of plans I’m looking forward to putting into action. :D

* * * * *

And I would tell you that I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week until we meet for coffee again next Saturday (when, hopefully, I’ll be back on a regular blog schedule). :D

Happiness Is the Letter P

Things that make me happy…brought to you by the letter P. :)


Yep, I’m one of those people. My phone is always within 10 feet of me. I love it…it is my precious. ;)


A picture of not my phone…but it is the type of phone that I have. ;) Picture from Samsung site.

Pez Dispensers

Pez dispensers are one of the true joys in life. :D Of course, I’m inclined to collect the Hello Kitty ones. I long to have this whole set:


Alas, I only have the two on the right…so far. ;) (Picture from sodahead.com.)


Picnics are a glorious thing…especially at this time of year! I love everything about picnics. I even have one of those checkered cloth lined baskets with matching plates and cups and cutlery. And a blanket! Even my picnic blanket matches. :)



A song that starts with P that I love? Praise You by Fatboy Slim. This song always makes me think of John:

Some songs-that-start-with-P shout outs to: Pigs in Zen by Jane’s Addiction, Party in the CIA by Weird Al, Peaceful Easy Feeling by The Eagles, People Are People by Depeche Mode, and Pompeii by Bastille.

And my sentence for the day (using only P words, of course) is:

Pleasantly polite, proper pirates purchased pretty purple petunias.

So, what about you? What are some things that begin with the letter P that bring a bit of joy to your life? Can you come up with a sentence that only contains P words? 


P.S. – I will be doing a coffee post this weekend, but it may not happen until tomorrow. I’ve had a rather fabulous day of furniture shopping with my husband, and now is the time for napping…not blogging. :)